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Web Design

You Really Need a Website!

As time goes on, more and more of the US population goes online.

  • 98% of all classrooms have Internet access
  • 78% of all homes have Internet access
  • 70% of all businesses but only 44% of SMBs have a website
  • 63% of consumers and SMBs turn to the web first to get information about local companies
  • Search engines have become the #1 resource when buyers look for local goods and services

What's in a Web Design?

A web design combines the artistic (graphic design ) with the technical targeting devices that access the World Wide Web with a web browser:

Color SelectionMeasurable goals
Page LayoutUser-interface Design (including Accessibility)
Logos and GraphicsFlexible, adaptive layouts
TypographySearch Engine Optimization

Web Design vs. Graphic Design: Two Different Animals

Graphic design grew up with the print industry, creating messages through the use of images, photos, typography, and color schemes. The medium is usually something you can put ink on, the layout is fixed, the communication is one-way, and the audience is humans.

Looks are important, but web design is more about how information is organized than how it looks. Layouts can be fluid and they can be different depending on the size of the screen on the user's device. Communication is two-way between your visitor and you, and the audience consists of both humans and search engines.

A good web design brings together eye-catching layout, compelling content, and useful functions that can help create the great relationships you need to gain customers and keep them coming back.

What's in a Website?

A website is your home on the World Wide Web, and like any home, it takes many pieces to build it and keep it maintained. We can help you with anything you need to create and maintain your website:

  • Domain Name Registration and Renewal
  • Web Hosting
  • Web Design or Redesign
  • Web Development
  • Technical Support
  • Updates and Enhancements
  • Search Engine Optimization

Our Web Design services cover everything you need to project your brand online and make sure it is bringing you qualified leads.

If you already have a website, we can upgrade your look, add new functions, and improve your content; whatever it takes to tell the whole story of your brand, your company, all your products and services, and how you serve the needs of your target audience.